martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Shakespeare online game

This is such a fun game! You will find three levels with different games.
Level 1: We know that in Shakespeare's time, girls were not allowed to act in the plays. Men and boys played all the parts. In this game you must choose the correct clothes for the actors. Listen carefully to what they say!
Level 2: You must help the audience find their seats! Remember where the different objects are...
Level 3: complete the sentences. Don't worry if you get them wrong, they are very difficult!

IMPORTANT! This link takes you to the page but you MUST CLICK  on GAMES (on the right column). You can also click on the subtitles to help you understand the actors.

Have a great time!

Shakespeare and other short stories

If you click on the link above you will open the page of the British Council with the videos of Shakespeares life, his most famous plays, and more!
Don't forget to play the games that are under each video.
Have a great time!

London for kids

Here is a video with some things to do in London. Enjoy it!